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Wat wat, me writing a blog again? But how can this be? I know I suck at these blogs cause I feel like I'm in a hurry all the time, if not with school, I pattern cosplays, or think of new ways to make props. etc. Erm, enough with excuses thou!
13.2.2015 started our journey with Alice from Vaasa . Think it was something like 9:00 AM or 9:30? ... meh! Anyways! We packed our bags, threw them in the trunk and went driving! For the most of the time I was really scared that my car would break down since it is quite the old fellow , luckily thou my car was nice as a kitten. The roads were clear and nothing could stop us! With the power of random stupid discussions and music we survived with just one short stop at Tampere ABC for some snacks and PEE BREAK! I KNOW YOU HAD TO KNOW THAT! harr harr! Mental image to you all. hrmh. Anyways. We were at lahti about 2:30 pm . Dropped Alice off at her hostel and waited for her friend so I could go to my hotel room. Since obviously I always have to look out for people cause I don't want anyone to feel all alone! So I headed back to the hotel and well everything was fine and dandy until I tried the door code and was confused. what in the actual fu-? It didn't work. So I called MISS Nina and was like what the heck is this all about. Oh yeah, the code works after 4:00 pm. feck. Had to wait an hour. Luckily thou met some old friends and some people I have stalk- I mean erm. followed on facebook. So had a nice lovely chat until I got in my hotel room. Once there, changed to my Jack Frost costume and hanged in the room a bit and after that I drove off to Sibelius talo! Hurray! After something which seemed like a lifetime we FINALLY got in the convention. My feet were so cold. The best costumes to wear in the middle of winter are the ones without shoes. yup. defo! I didn't stay at the convention that long thou. I think it was something about two hours?  I returned to my hotel room to help my mate Hapsu finish his costume since we were going to cosplay from world of warcraft and I must say this guy has nerves of steel. He pulled an all nighter just so he could hold a promise. ( Some of my friends are the most astounding people in the world, seriously.) So at saturday morning we threw our armors in the car, went to the convention headed straight for the mens changing room. we got everything on in about ... 15 minutes. The only thing that sucked a tad was that my chainmail got stuck at some of the scales on my chest armor and ripped up. Oh well! Will try making a new chainmail at some point :)  After we had gotten everything together we went to sing some karaoke. And because we were such manly men in cool armor costumes we sang...LET IT GO, LET IT GOO! ... yes. I know. we are awesome. After singing like a boss we headed out cause it was warm as fffuuuu! Was nice seeing so many people who noticed from what game series we were , (Warcraft all the way! woop woop! ). When we headed back we were just strolling around searching for our photographer Nina and whilst searching we bonged into some other World of warcraft cosplays! They looked so awesome o.o Really sad that I didn't get a picture with them! Oh well! Eventually we found our photographer and headed out to photoshoot. and in the middle of it all my arm armor broke. So I asked for a little break. When I got my armor pieces to stay together somewhat I went searching for Hapsu and Nina and we continued our photoshoot. And I must say we got some really awesome pictures!
and even some awesome derpy ones ? :'D 
Photographer :

After the photoshoot strolled around the convention for an hour or so before I was like ....feck...this....must...get out of...armor, hugh! Oh the relief when the armor and wig went off! Chilled there meeting some friends for awhile and afterwards we headed to the hotel . After a warm shower I watched some Simpsons for awhile and I think I fell asleep something at 8:30 PM? That's how tired I was. 
Sunday Morning I woke up early to shave my head completely bald , trying to get the last off my hair, revealing a smooth, shiny head. with some red spots since I cut myself a bit with the razor ny accident. Oops. So it was Aangs time to save the day. The costume is just so comfy to wear. I had a bit of a hurry in the morning since I promised to show up at the info at 10:45 AM to meet up with the other Avatarians so we could go smoothly to our photoshoot. Once we all had gathered up we headed out. And all I can say it was cold as ffffffffffuuuuuuuuu! Think we were out for about 15 minutes until everyone except Sokka and Katara were like COLD! IN! NAUW! RUUUUN! GET TO DA CON! Once we got in , some fixed up their costumes / makeup and stuff, Me? My hands were so cold so I just tried to keep my hands alive by hogging warmth , it wasn't cold desucon FROSTBITE for naught, harr harr harr! I am such a funny fellow! Anyways, after everyone was ready again, we had a indoor photoshoot! WOOOHOO! Our photographer snapped some really good pictures, she's just amazing *__* 
Photographer and editor : Emilia Lahtinen /

Now after the shoot, Yumi and Biitti went back outside to photoshoot whilst the rest of hanged inside. We splitted up quite a lot but we found each others again from time to time ! I met up with Kai there aswell and we chatted for awhile, he's just one of the most awesome people I know ! Such a shame I see him so rarely ! 
As the day was coming to an end for myself and I was heading out. Yumi stopped me for one last small photoshoot since we had found a Toph , the whole gang assembled! I couldn't say no to that! So I went to the car to drop off all my, Alices and Malins stuff and rushed back to the con as a disguised Aang. With a black leather coat, and a black beanie. The fire nation did not suspect a thing! schhh!
So I was in a bit of a hurry since the trip back home was like a five hour drive and I had school the next day. Even so, we got some good pictures and waiting eagerly for summer where we will be holding a big avatar photoshoot :) 

Sokka :
Katara :
Toph :
Zuko :
Aang :

Aang says farewell to the gang and goes towards the sunset! Until we meet next time! Cya! :)

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  1. It was great to talk with you again even though it was pretty short! Hnng we should really hang out more, you're so awesome dude! <3

    1. I KNOW RIGHT T__T would be totally awesome! And right back at ya mate! :)